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rv hound – bnu k lyrics


bnu k p+ssy suck my+
suck my d+ck
grah grah
boom boom boom
mb k
grapestreet k
flocking for j

[verse 1]
why the f+ck is yall dissing on gang
like i ain’t never let it bang
smoking on lisa bet she heard the bang
spin thru my dolo iont need a gang
spin thru the opps i bet they hear a bang
shooter got shot and i ain’t heard a thing
rando got shot and yall ain’t do a thing
if he scream bnu imma let mine bang
jc got shot and the grabba his brains
lisa rando jc strains philly got shot now that n+gga pain
keep dissing on me imma let it bang roscoe got shot now that n+gga pain
f+ck siahhh and ray and yanko i can’t wait till i run into bankoo
grapestreet k im looking for a cuzzin if i catch me a opp imma throw a dozen
i catch him in the streets imma throw at my buzzin
dont try to run up on me hit ya m+ffin shot to his head give him a concussion
bullets gon hit u bake u like a oven if i catch little jay there ain’t no disscusion
beam on his head why the f+ck is he running he already ran i ain’t even get one in
pick up his motherf+cker neck
spin thru the wash like im looking for rec fl!cky got hit in his face and his chest
benji got shot in his arm and his leg i dont aim legs yeah im cracking his egg
free jb he was spinning on a reg f+ck siahhh im smoking his leg
bnu some b+tches and im smoking ya deads
bnu k and im aiming for yall heads i be buggin im off of the med
he tried to run i put 2 in his head where from wrong answer dead
he tried to run up on me left him dead where the f+ck is he shot in his head
when spin thru the wise all i see is red spinning my block shot him off the ped
shooter got hit bullets ripped thru his chest f+ck all the flockas flocking at they nest
f+ck lil jc he died with his vest f+ck all skiis imma spin thru the west
benji got hit in his face and his chest roscoe had died i think that he was stressed
when i catch lil siahhh thats when i will rest spinning thru the wise you know thats my quest
siahhh be dissing on tracks like word to my mother u really got clapped
catch a opp and he turned to a pack last time u came to my block it was sad like
im smoking lise bet siahhh mad my n+ggas be bugging flocking at they dads
bossn+ggaz k all them n+ggas sad oy k i bet them n+ggas mad
he think cuz im hound that im dapping him too if i spin thru the 50 then im knocking his hat
bendout benji a b+tch i know he a rat f+ck all the 2zz im smoking on matt
f+ck all the skiis im smoking on kat like if i spin thru the skiis then i knocking a hat
fl!cky a b+tch now he dead in my spliff im big bnu k and im smoking on jay
grah grah grah boom
bnu k bnu k grah grah
boom boom boom
free jb
houndin g9 sh+t
suck my+
suck my d+ck

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