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ryan lerman – the past the past lyrics


you’ve been looking for an answer
to a question no one asked
well you can try to make believe
or make the past the past

you’ve been walking on the ceiling
and you’re worried it won’t last
well every thought that weighs you down
won’t make the past the past

i get so restless and so i sleep less
stay up trying to scrub the writing off the wall
but every outcome just leaves my legs numb
and me ego small
you watch the fish inside the water
stuck on a line that wasn’t cast
he’s too scared to sink or swim
make the past the past

and so you visit a museum
and put your nose up to the glass
marvel at walls that others scaled
who made the past the past

i get so tired, so uninspired
feeling bad about feeling bad
the time is fading, i’m getting jaded
and my reflection’s getting sad

i hope you find what you’ve been looking for
cause i don’t know how to help you anymore

i caught you looking in the mirror
but there was no one looking back
all this time spent hollowed out
by everything you lack
i wish you’d just make the past the past