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rz rhymeztein – can’t tell you lyrics


verse one [apathy]

you can trust me when i tell you that i’m lyin’the most
poison flow where the victims ain’t survivin’ the dose
i never stop, tell everybody this rhyme is a ghost
fill up on my champagne glass, rise for the toast
east coast as it gets
since the days of cassettes
since the reign of the tech
or the chain on my neck
and i’m able to cash cheques and travel on bar sets the speed the enterprise can travel in star trek
im jean luc picard, the sufferers will get scarred
their bodies burnt and charred
’cause the tracks so hard
steal bars and i’ll shatter you jaw with steel bars
f#ck celebrity stars
my squad is real stars like
supernovas and red dwarfs
the lead pours
out the barrel on a course
movin’ with the force
of warriors on a horse
or a suped up porsche
ima shoot up your porch ’til they suit up your corpse

it’s hard to realise and harder to see
but ask me why and i can’t tell you

verse two [rz (rhymeztein)]

easy to see that my flow’s ferocious
soon as it hits your ears, go in to deep hypnosis
i drop jewels [and do this sh#t out there?]
so you’re feeling loose like an [impotent dolphin?] #dolphin squeak#
hooded up like the reaper, make my own rules
step to me i’ll eat your spirit, call it soul food
and this rap game? lookin’ like the f#ckin’ walking dead
’cause people sleepin’ on my flow like a water bed
this world’s yours, ima hold it for ransom
and make a new galaxy like samsung
i open minds
bring rappers to a sudden death like a hockey game going in to overtime
the gats come in, flow live to a tempo
it comes easier than a improv nympho
these new rappers, they’re f#cking zombies
so i go gorrila on these kids like harambe
watch it fall from above like the automoon
you’re slowly going out of style like the autotune
it’s rz, fed up with the faking
’bout to blow in your face like a f#ckin’ fake pen

it’s hard to realise and harder to see
but ask me why and i can’t tell you
check it out for those that know me
you # you know i didn’t say nothing
keep it on the down#lo
keepin’ this real
go blow me boy ’cause i ain’t sayin’ sh#t