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s.o.a.p. – for ricci lyrics


[soap. , for ricci]

here we go..
..1, 2, 3

[verse 1]
sat#rday before the sun is up
i’m out the door and on my way
i catch the 2 and then the 35
by 6:15 i’m on the train

30 miles ’till the final stop
still i have to walk a few more
by the time i reach your doughter’s gate
i have 19 steps ’till i’m at your door

[pre chorus]
and oh, what a thrill
to finally be with you
and when i see your face i know

there ain’t nothing strong enough
to keep me away from you

there could be a wall of fire, 10 feet higher
you know i’d just walk on through

where there once was only room for love
forever there will be two

that’s why i travel all this way
for you
to you
for you