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s sav – its bloody hot baby lyrics


man can’t tell me bout riding sliding opp block gliding
grab that wap start firing
man can’t tell me bout scoring opp block touring
see an opp boy and bore him
shank goes in him proceed by twisting
lifting him up and then pulling it out
daily routine when i ching in the station
they love sing cats they ring
trapline ping too much sin
trapstyle haram man read the quran
insha’allah i’m forgiven going to heaven
bang bang! release that holy smoke
these n+ggas they’re liars they’re f+cking broke
for my wap i brought that 2 scope
2 man ducked and 1 man hid
these p+ssyholes losing hope
hope hope hope hope
this is how the mandеm slide
me and cj up in the ridе slap on my latex gloves
like yo bro jump in the whip let slide
5 man up in the whizz start skidding