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sabbat – ghost in the mirror lyrics


in the cracked mirror, evil spirit dwells
laughing at visitors from inside the mirror
welcome to this h-llhouse
waiting for it’s time, silently
at the mirror you can’t feel
fearful blood of immolation
ghost in the mirror, he is a master of this house
gave unholy evil mind by the king of h-ll
you that gaze at this mirror, his sacrifice
his torture is lessened by victim
for you no way to heaven
dripping from the cravies of cracks
moistening the throat, spiders, snakes
moths slave, keepers of the mirror
hey! come on! father! foolish an old man!
do you wanna die?! holy son of a b-tch!

“one night of storm… one father visited this house for
shelter from rain. a father got the feeling of sinister
airs in this house. so, the terribly tremendous evil
spirit and immolated souls. for rescue the sad souls from
the bog of h-ll. a father swore by the bible that i must
visit again to fight against the devil”