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sabertooth zombie – the haunting of apartment 6 lyrics


i live a life of sovereignty
vexed in claustrophobic territory
i command your peripheral circuitry
i race around your sp-ce
i can’t get in
but i can turn your hood to sh-t
my stress will make you sick
you can’t get out
i’m rapping at your walls
i’m the ghost of the men who invented it all
you’ll be in your bed
i’ll be in your head
you’ll wish you were dead
the haunting of apartment 6
i’ll turn your house into a hideout
the unknown source of your heaves
chase you into the bathroom
get down
on your knees
screaming ‘help me please,
my stomach’s full of nothing,
head’s a disease
living with a meek
on the bank of the creek
my stomach’s full of toxins
my head’s got a leak.’
i know no city limits
no limits at all
don’t speak to me of peace
don’t tell me your name
and when you open the curtains
the future will change
life proved your father wrong
when life f-cked you for so long
bedsores in the shape of the state
you were california’s son.
i can’t go out, or i’ll be clubbed by a clubber
i can’t sp-ce out or i’ll be mugged by a mugger
i can’t go out or i’ll be judged by a judger
i can’t go out or i’ll be killed by another
but i stay in and i feel devoid
the tv’s laughing and i’m getting annoyed
stomach full of nothing
head full of nothing