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safety club – k lyrics


[verse 1]
paint my face, i’m coming up
it’s 5 past 8, you’re going home
i’m up late, still high and drunk
you said “i’d wait”, but i never showed up
know you needed love, you were getting cold
we was in the fast lane, i was moving slow
now i throw my d+mn face in the cup

i shoulda never said those f+cking things that i said
it’s 4am, i’m here alone in my bed
this ketamine ain’t wearing off
you beat yourself up with your past life
it’s on sight, you know i’ll make it all up to you
this ketamine ain’t wearing off

and i don’t know why i feel so stuck
and i know i tried, but i f+cked it up

[verse 2]
usually i ain’t the pessimist i treat the situation delicate
i call my brothеrs
i got loving for my regiment, benеvolent
stressing out over some benjamins
man, you know i’m always tryna be a better man, yeah
but sh+t ain’t always go to f+cking plan, yeah
i tease it out ’til the bitter end, yeah
and it all comes back to you

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