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sahlene – just another day lyrics


i have been waiting for so long
for something new to come
for a change in my life
and i have been trying for some time
to forget about you
but i can’t say i’m rational
i don’t really miss what we had
but some of the moments we shared


it’s just another day
just another ordinary day
what difference does it make
that i have become aware
of my mistakes
i need a new beginning
with open arms i will embrace
a most needed change
come what may

what’s done can never be undone
i’ve got to live my life
with the choices i’ve made
but i must admit to myself
that i still care about you
but i guess it’s too late now
i know it was not working out
but were we giving up
too easy on the fight


and since you’ve gone
i’ve starting wondering if i’m wrong
and i won’t say i know
that loneliness really
makes you stronger
got no one else to blame
my choice is made
i was the one to let you go
now i miss you so