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saidian – silent killer lyrics


she’s one in a million – of a kind you’ve never
seen(with) one glamce from her eyes she’ll have you on
your knees
she’s roaming the night scene
she’s the hunter, you’re the prey
(a) beauty shining even brighter than the day
she’s treating you right, you’re burning in ecstasy
before you know it you’re under her spell
(she’s a)
silent killer – she’s just a grand illusion

silent killer – watch out she’s coming your way
she looks like an angel – she’s the devil in disguise
just beware of what is flashing right behind her eyes
she’s more than temptation – she’s the original sin
no way to escape her magic power deep within
she takin’ control, she’ll bind you forevermore
you’re just one more victim, caught in her trap
she is the answer, just your one desire
a promise of p-ssion and delight
you’ll keep on searching for a heart you’ll never find
her love will blind you like the sun in the sky