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saidon – murder lyrics


petrified, horrified
murder before my eyes
my hero on this day
from a cold gun dies

i’m shaking in fear
with blood on my hands
tears in my eyes
not this please i can’t
i’m shaking in fear
with death in my eyes
blood on my face
please no, i can’t

what now?
my hero is gone
i’m all alone
i’m finished i’m done

what’s next?
my vision is blurred
i’m in the fog of b+st+rds

the only path i see ahead
is avoiding death
what to do
i need to get up
reach for my hands
i’m all out of luck

what’s next?
no light ahead
helpless, afraid
no one around me

all my feelings of love
transcendent to hate

the flood of anger
flows through my veins

sift through my broken dreams
and look in for a child
the world looked different
when seeing from those innocent eyes

the fountain of life always floating free
no one can change it, i’m drowning in the stream
am i a victim of a broken system?
or destiny decided to test me
this will forever haunt me



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