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saigon – lose her lyrics


you ain’t never really love me did you
god forbid you ever need a lung for something cause i ain’t gon give you
the reason i had to quit you
cause i rather do that than hit you
and have your eye all black and blizzle
you ain’t too pretty for that for shizzle
i rather chat with you and tell you why i’m never coming back to get you
no longer is the love there nope
no longer do i care if your hair dope
no longer will i act to be happy
knowing good and well i’m just holding on to mere hope
you f-ck me up girlfriend i hope you know that
see me i just ain’t the type of motherf-cker to show that
i know that life without you might be so wack
at home getting tore back f-cking with the mofat
listening to bobby womack
if you think you lonely now, wait until tonight and you gon know that
i’m a lose her

look love before you get the chance to intervene
stop leaving messages on my answering machine
i don’t wanna be talked to, don’t wanna be seen
grown -ss woman still acting fifteen
what you missing the kissing and missing every position the huggin
making love in the sunk in tubbing
the back and the neck rubbing
or was it my lack of respect for your ex husband
and now you want to get back for what just to see me naked again
so you can take my heart reshape it and break it again
i ain’t got nothing to say to your friends
as soon as they come around that’s when all the d-mn hating begin
i’m sick and tired of fake and pretend
i figure that it was time to bring this relationship to a end
now on the blockbuster nights we was snugged in the den
i’m out guzzling gin in the club with a hen
now who’s the loser

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