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saint psychedelic – crutch lyrics


super human
been super human
i’ve always been super human
i’ve always been super human

[verse 1]
i’ve always been super human
never knew it, always outchea pursuing
greatness in-between her thighs found lies instead
consummating all that fake love on her, on her, on her bed
i’mma, i’mma, i’mma get some head
while i, while i, while i, text her friend
all that, all that, all that nonsense she’s doing

little mama is a freak
still you want me to come back to you
after all the things i did to you
after all the things that i put you through

i don’t know if i want to

[verse 2]
i’mma text you
maybe now maybe later with a song or two
i still hope that i’ll do what i promised to
i still hope in the future i’ll still be with you
or not, coz you know how life goes
always stay high avoid all of life’s lows
and blows and hoes even when they blow
i know you know all i think i know
i know you know every time i’m low
even though you’re my ex you always wanna play os
always wanna be here when i’m not near
you say you’ll be my ear when i can’t hear
nonsense, just be on my d like offence
and take little or no offence
from this nonsense it’s obvious
you’re my you’re my
you’re my crutch