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sam akins – backwards lyrics


trying hard to fight this fear
trying to hold back my tears
we were happier than this
how did it come to this

all my favorite memories
have only you and i in it
every time i close my eyes
you’re flashing through my mind

the pieces of my heart’s been
molding in reverse
as we slowly fell apart

now i’m left with memories
playing in reverse
till we’re strangers from the start

it’s hard to love you backwards
hard to see we won’t work
it’s hard to love you backwards, backwards

it’s hard to love you backwards
undo all that we’ve worked for
it’s hard to love you backwards, backwards

how did we fade away
i swear you were the one to stay
oh man i feel ashamed
every time i see your friends

we were happier back then
making plans for us to wed
could’ve given you my name
guess i was not your man

tell me the last time you heard my name
did it make you feel someway
i know it will never be the same
and i gladly take the blame
i let you slip away from me
losing you still haunts me
all that we had is gone to waste
loving you backwards is a pain