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sammie – slow lyrics


oh no no

oh baby girl
we need to take it slow
take it slow
take it slow

[verse 1:]
anything that you want
do you not get it all
when u need me
do i not pick up the phone and call
this ain’t about the games
or when or who lose fault
cause they don’t mean a thing
girl i want to give you my all
but first we gotta take it

slow girl (slow girl)
just relax your mind
sit back and unwind ah baby
baby take it slow girl
we don’t have to rush
good things come to those who wait
baby take it slow girl
baby take it easy
we goin’ be together always
baby take it slow
i’m gonna take it slow
we goin’ take it slow

[verse 2:]
you may not understand but in due time
girl i want your body but first i need your mind
girl come follow me, take my hand, let me show you the way oh
to my lake of love, that never runs dry, you can swim all day
but first we gotta take it


slow oh oh [8x]


oh i wanna take it slowly
my baby
let’s make this love last
make it last
make it last yayy
i love you
i love you yes i do
slow girl
slow girl
we ain’t got to rush no