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sammy hagar – boys night out lyrics



i’m sorry baby if my mood’s been changin’
but my social life nees some rearrangin’, yeah
well, i got nothin’ against my old lady but
every now and then, a man’s gotta get out and get crazy, wooh

i need a boys’ night out, that’s all baby
(boys’ night out)

we’ll do some drinkin’ maybe hurt ourselves real bad
i guarantee the best time that we ever had
so don’t stay up ’cause i’ll be out all night
and don’tcha try and see me ’cause i’ll be outta sight, wooh

one more boys’ night out, yeah, uh
(boys’ night out)
c’mon, boys’ night out
now, what do you say fellas
one more (boys’ night out)
that’s all baby, ow
(boys’ night out)

i’ll do my best to stay outta jail, because
my ole lady, she ain’t never gonna go my bail, uh uh
i hope that eddie doesn’t start another fight ’cause
we get too high you know, baby, we just might, wooh

i need help
boys’ night out, oh it’s comin’ up for me baby
(boys’ night out)
one more boys’ night (i need another night) out
(boys’ night out)

uhh, uhh
(boys’ night out)
uhh, uhh
yeah, (boys’ night out) ow
comin’ up

what’s happenin’ mama? ow
(boys’ night out)
that’s all