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sammy kershaw – here she comes lyrics


sorry baby – didn’t mean to do this to you
sorry baby – didn’t mean to do this to you

after a long night of l-sting
shorty came home while i was crushing
i’m about to get busted
i’m rushing
it’s about to unfold
and i’m about to get thrown in the cold
cause she be on some left-eye sh-t
might set my house on fire-take a brick to my whip
oh no!
i wanna hit it some more
but i think i heard my girl put her keys in the door
can i hide under the bed(you can’t go there)
in the closet(you can’t go there)
on the balcony(but you can’t, she’ll look)
there’s a hide-away behind the bush

oh no here she comes
shorty bounce my girl is on her way upstairs
i know here she comes
you need to get your sh-t and get up out of here
oh no here she comes
you’re about to get a __ straight __
oh no here she comes
ooohh noo!
i know she’s gonna trip
if she finds you here messing with her man
better disappear
think i got a plan
get you outta here
you should jump out the window

i gotta come yp with an excuse
the reason why i had a girl up in this room
she won’t believe me though
cause we been through the same situation before