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samson [us] – a little new year motivation for ya lyrics


everybody’s so excited ‘bout the new year
hope this one’s a little different man
but it’s really hard for me to log into my instagram
and see everybody’s promises and act like i give a d+mn
resolutions are excuses in disguise
a justification and people use it to get by
with whatever bad habit they’re doing for a little longer
just another month or two and then they’ll kick it to the side
i just hate when people post thеir intentions
just another way for you to host attention
likе, “this year you’re not gonna catch me with a beer in my hand or spot me in the smoking section”
glad that you’re tryna be decent with your health
but you should just leave that secret on the shelf
n0body gives a f+ck about what you’re gonna fail at this year b+tch just keep it to yourself
what the f+ck do you want, a pat on the back for waiting a whole year to get back on track?
a standing ovation
‘congratulations, i’ve never seen such fine procrastination’
hats off to you, you jack off
you proved nothing to me you’re still the same slack job i knew
i’m supposed to sit here and oogle and go wild over something that you should’ve been doing the whole while
you chose now to stop dipping in smoking so you think you’re all strong like rock lifting [?]
but you [?] when you made the decision to ditch it back [?] for your resolution you little f+cking idiot
but it makes sense
why would you stop in the middle of july with some time on the clock?
you could keep f+cking up for another six months
you don’t gotta do sh+t ‘til the ball f+cking drops
that’s logic
that’s common sense
no bla+bli+di+bla
just the way you gotta do it if you wish to improve
just take it easy man, keep hitting the snooze
you ain’t gotta do this
you ain’t gotta do that
you can wait another year to start coming up to bat
take your resolutions hold ’em up high
then swing ’em down low
and shove ’em up your ass
h+ll yeah
let’s go grab a beer
no, uh, i uh, stopped drinking for new years