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​samuelo – v lyrics


[verse 1]
i keep in touch
from every other touch
but your touch
i heard you wanna go on that plane
only if you get those grades up
i know you can do it
and i hope you can do it
i hope you can do it

[verse 2]
and there’s some songs
i feel like were made for me
i wonder if you hate me
but i know that we
are the best love we will
both will ever find
and i know we are
the best love we’ll each ever find

[verse 3]
and for every note i play, i honor that
and i don’t miss you just in spite of that
‘cus i know things
won’t ever be the same
so now i just smile when i see your face
through screens
through cards
through dreams, ah
what once was ours

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