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sara evans – life without losing lyrics


“life without losing”

my nails are chipped and my hair’s in knots
and my jeans are ripped and i just can’t stop
drinking this wine
and i read this bible and i search for signs
and little whisper that says you’re alright
but sometimes…

i’d like to get through a day without crying
night without asking why i can’t stop thinking about you
get through a song without thinking
i’m drowning, i’m sinking
wondering how i’m ever gonna get through
but my feet just keep moving
and i know the truth is
n-body get through life without losing

you said you love me but you went away
now i convinced myself it will be okay
but i don’t know
sometimes i think that i’m doing better
then the night shows up and it drags on forever
and the devil tells me we’ll never be together

[repeat chorus]

someone they love, someone they need
something they thought was meant to be
still i just keep on trying to…

[repeat chorus]

losing, losing, losing