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scared of bears – glider lyrics


tell me why it feels so good
to not hang out tonight
tell me why you’ll always tell me
everything ain’t black and white

everything i left at your house
well you can keep it
every word coming from your mouth
is a lie or secret

and once in a while
i might want to be around
every time you smile
you send an airplane crashing down

i think you’re getting over me
find more pleasant things to do
leave this burning forest be
leave me running back to you

i’m done
coming and going
oh, i’m done
unless you can show me
that i’m worth all your time
worth every second or minute or hour or even a summer

she might not be fun now but someday you’ll love her
and someday you’ll find out anyone can hug her
and touch her, invite her to supper
with parents and children, her boyfriend is tougher
than you
obsessing with high school when you’re twenty-two
i haven’t felt this way, affection is new

i’ll argue and fight like i’ve got something to prove
and now your reflect is staring at you
are not yourself
you’re someone else
you’re not yourself
dear me
you’ve changed