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scarznwounds – scared and wounded lyrics


[verse 1] tell me now where the f-ck has the time gone, remorse and regret has got me living this way, trust me my life couldn’t get anymore worse, i just wanna hear her laugh, just one more time and feel what i felt 6 years ago when we were just kids, but i can’t so i just sit back and reminisce on the closest ive been to heaven, 5th grade but i guess i was to blind to have known it back then, but now i need to see you again i wanna see you laugh, i wanna see you smile because you were the one in my life that made living worth the whil,e i get my name from my hidden scars and wounds, i would say we went together like a kid and cartoons, i’ll never forget the day you gave me a hug and an earring, i should have held on to it but i took you for granted and now im scrambling around trying to find a picture of you, and im starting to think you never existed your just to good to be true faithful funny, pretty and heaven-sent and you wanted me too that sh-t sounds like a dream but the nightmare side isn’t far behind, june 1 has ready to blow out my mind, why did it have to end i would go to school forever if it ment we could be friends again, you have me up a 3:00 am wishing on the brightest star, that’s why i sit my room alone that’s why im called scar, cause ive dealt with pain in the past but your cut hasn’t healed, that’s why i have scars and i also have wounds

[verse 2]
i’ve seen you at a wedding and i’ve seen you at that party, but its hard to talk to you when you stand behind an army, in my eyes the stars line up but in yours wind up fallen from the sky, i remember when you went out with that one guy, how could i not have seen it first, how could i make the worst decision of my life, can’t believe i messed up and i think about it every night

[verse 3]
i know f-cked up and i wish i could rewind, to back in the days when you would sit by my side man its crazy how time flies, and im speechless, i have no words that could describe how i feel but i know every time i see or think about you my heart drops down to my intestines my intentions are clear ,cause ima do what i need to do to see you once again, i’ll become a millionaire if i have to but i know that’s not what your about ill do whatever it takes to make you realize i made a mistake, i’ll treat you right you better believe i’ll take you out and buy you what you need buy you what you want i’ll take a bullet for you dying on the floor and even then i would get up and i would take four more, not to be dramatic i just wanna paint the picture
and if you feel the same way just please let me know cause im waiting and i haven’t even told my mom im looking up to the sky, thinking “is worth it all this drama or just end it right now” but i’d rather not go out that way i got two things that i live for: my mom and the girl i haven’t forgot about, up to this day i wish i had a way for you to hear my voice and hear what i have to say

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