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sean mcconnell – so far down lyrics


i see people walking underneath the streetlights
making their way home
another night another town another show
another round until the bar is closed
clock on the wall says it’s close to last call,
where the h-ll am i supposed to go
i’m so far down
so far down

bartender could you call me up a cab
and point me to downtown
somewhere that i can find an open sign buzzing
and a bottle where i can drown
give me a table in the corner
cause she’d be disappointed
if my mama could see me now
i’m so far down
so far down

i can’t remember when it happened
when all the colors turned to grey
but i remember being happy
it seems so far away

tell me a story about how you lost it all
and how you ended up in this place
i see the same look every d-mn morning
while i’m staring back at my face
shut my eyes just to wake up and find
that i’m still on the fall from grace
and it’s so far down
so far down