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seb lowe - 5168 days lyrics


5168 days of the uk ruled by a tory government
5168 days of failure reinforced by lies and corruption
first, they gave ya’ brexit and the cost of life
took away your protest rights
covid took a ton of lives
called the youth a ‘sacrifice’
nhs waiting lists
making friends with racists
no policy on poverty
crackdown on refugees
the proverbial doormat
they’ll step on to get votes back
put them in a boat, stat
change, don’t approach that

what’s the trick?
call a genocide a ‘conflict’
now every politician’s f+cking in on it
fourteen years, a 168 months, 5168 nights
5168 days in which the uk has consistently declined

david cameron, what was happening?
when you crеated your own f+cking nightmare
i think you werе quite aware
brexit wasn’t necessary
you only cared about your own legacy
now your legacy proudly stands as nothing but
instigating ten years of lies in government
theresa may, when all’s said and done
how the f+ck did you contribute to the eu referendum?
you could not, would not, finish at last
the country was left to the whims of a psychopath

boris johnson, goes without mention
he’d lie about breakfast if it meant that he got seconds
did you smile at the face of death
as your cronies described it as ‘unfortunate excess’
were you systematically withdrawn
or were you really as thick as you let on?

liz truss stumbled in not long after
her fifty days serving ended in disaster

rishi sunak, where do we start?
with another f+cking narcissist who could’ve been smart
sun+actually, factually, swiftly elected
as a billionaire posh boy with zero perspective
lest we forget all the c+nts that you gave a job
, , , and
every single sycophant who stood idly by
or directly threw logs at a country on fire

are we overreacting a bit?
if we were in power, would we know how to manage it?
or are we missing a point
when we ask such a question?
is knowing how to lead about
knowledge or intention?
oxford, master’s, politics degree
but jokes about the food that the poor kids eat
great britain has been passed through the fingers of thieves
for 5168 f+cking days
what have we achieved?

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