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seduce – 3 am lyrics


hearing all that cr-p make me feel sick
i can’t accept the change in few days
i know u left but im waiting here
i can’t accepte thé fact that u dissapear
having hopes and im praying
i really miss those days u were lying
next to me babe
next to me babe

she ve been my little wolf for years
behind our little talk there s heart full of tears

but you always keep on smiling
i really miss ur voice and im dying

and im here


those days that p-ssed while
im waiting
for you to show up
for me to put all thé blâme on

looking at those eyes make me dreaming
inside of my head ill be screaming

baby dont leave me again
i promise ill show u the change

all day all night
hoping you doing allright

lets just forget all those fights
lets just enjoy all those lights
my baby

yeah yeah yeah