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selah the corner – memoirs lyrics


[verse 1: selah]

i reminisce about long nights in the kitchen
wasn’t whipping nothin’ just thinking until my vision is clouded
it’s hard to get position when it’s crowded
i feel like i’m suffocating i wonder why god allow it
he told me cause i allow it, you watchin’ pharaoh approaching
too busy doubting the planning to see me parting the ocean
i’m focused, appreciation for all of ya’ll waiting
welcome to another cl-ssic in the making
cause i remember

[verse 2: selah]

i reminisce about all of my blessings given
dealing with the skin that i live in
that’s why i love talkin’ to b-mps he ain’t never fronting like he get it
he see that he phil jack and i’m feelin’ like pippen, that’s real
lyricism i relish
and to be honest i think most of these rappers is selfish
these crabs in barrel but i’m allergic to sh-llfish
a y.o. general kinda merging with elvis
this graceland where i’m seeing the haters is jealous
a place where these label owners will turn into zealots
the women all up in their writtens they tend to embellish
but i ain’t writing with muscle surrounding my pelvis
and i say it cause i’m a g, p.s. i address it
prerequisite reading the bible and art of war
praying to be a better leader i know that everyone under me
stay ratchet like a project apartment floor
i remember