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selfish things – five years lyrics


i’ll fight through and sink in
walk over your skin
you aren’t my company
boundless, irreverent
careless, intrepid
useless, a mockery
the faith that you have
in tall tells and fiction
keeps you asleep for days
burn all your books
they were written by crooks
who knew how much liars paid
and throw up all your words
you are cursed
you are living in misery
and close your eyes and pray
i won’t stay
never blamed you for hating me
and angry words aside
i am dying
all i want is to be truly free

no i don’t care what the future holds
i lost my soul five years ago

hope is a fitting
narrative, spinning
inside my lonely brain
i’ve lost all my friends for nothing again
i swear that i’ve gone insane
set fire to truth
it’s nothing to you
i know that my heart is cold
but solace won’t come
i’m drowning for fun
the pain of this won’t grow old
and no one tells the truth
we are mute
we have bought into fantasy
and every day i wake i’m in pain
i don’t think this worlds meant for me
and i am dead inside
though i’ve tried
i don’t think i’ll make history

i don’t know what the future holds
but god went silent years ago

and nothing can save us
everyone’s dangerous
foraging, far from free
drunk and obnoxious
high off of toxins
stuck in a facebook feed
we all live rejected
stoned and pathetic
brainless in hopes of being
molded, accepted
cool and poetic
charming beyond belief