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​sellasouls – makee iiit bakk lyrics


[verse 1: sellasouls]

[verse 2: herme$]
you won’t make it back f+cking with this side
know i shine like the sun, so the vamps go run and hide
we don’t give a f+ck about these boys, they gon’ f+cking die
smiled at the change and you know it’s free 2shanez
b+tch you know i’m high as f+ck, cooling with my boo thang
yeah i’m about to run it up, b+tch i feel like usain
underworld tournament, i beat your ass like yusuke
come here, let me hit your b+tch on their day
i don’t smoke opp pack cause that sh+t mid
you be acting like a god, but really you a snitch
smoking light green gas out the f+cking zip
smoking on top of the line like i’m inside the v.i.p
throw the money in the foreign, watch it come back, triple stack
kush pack, kush pack, d+mn i go and take a nap
you know i don’t give a f+ck where they at
cause you know we in the 666houltr4p, yeah