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sem/a/ntic (swe) – null-//_space lyrics


your tessellation
i’ll withstand your acrid sensations
your patron of sin siphons
singe the tongue, delay the concepts
disdain, the mud remains careful with anything left
any semblance of manners is bashful when sinking time into texts
sift parts, often i’m off in a washed conscious
i tend to talk that talk when i spark the droplets
(cough it up!)
it’s been started with tall sonnets
songs taped up with an awful confidence, softens it
the waft of it walks in like it owns the d+mn place
the leaves with naught of trace, but i can’t seem to lose the taste
and so i’m off to the race
(it’s null sp+ce)
lord forgives, the sins committed
a different scene comes in, belittled
mad at myself, so i strike the middleman
try and try to drown my sorrows
’til it stop, keep downing ritalin
(“don’t you stop until i say so!”)
brand new lights, they strike my retinas
seize the day, but still i lay low
call me the scapegoat
‘cause i would still wait for those sailboats
but more often than not, i will shape notes in a way that i’ll base it off raincoats
it’s a shame, though
’cause why would i wonder ’bout anything said
when i’m a benzoate; indicate (a symphony of) carcinogens?
for the time being, an infinite loop has been waning for the same reason as the painting
so in only a moment, the moon sings
of a tune that is choosing who wins
open your eyes and you can find the light too
you can trust the eyes knew
(it’s all just null sp+ce)

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