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set your goals – happy new year lyrics


“happy new year”

i never want to look back again on the events of 2010.
i can’t escape what’s in my head. t
here’s no repentance when i’ve served my sentence.
the candle’s burning at both ends.

winter’s cold and i’m dreading coming home,
far from anyone i know at all.
never felt so alone
because the hope of spring died with the fall.

i can finally feel content.
i can’t help but smile when i know
things can’t get worse than this.

i see things clearly and i loved them dearly.
a timeline stained with tragedy and death.
the clock keeps turning faster when
the candle’s burning at both ends.

rub these dark circles from my eyes,
a brighter future’s on the rise.
i’ll leave commitments pending.
the worst year of my life is ending.
i watch the dates expire, caught in a flicker of a fire.

the hands are turning ’round,
the hours counting down, and it’s all over now.
all that i had burned to the ground.
all that will never be,
i watched it die in front of me.

a living nightmare was born in this year.
there are dark clouds all around me
and i couldn’t see the sun even if i tried.