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seven story fall – don’t say lyrics


when your as fake as the mask you hide behind.
well i’m calling you out, don’t be suprised.
it’s not hard to see we own all these streets, and the ground we walk on.
wake! this town from sleeping.
make! them all repeat me.
this wont last forever.

you did this yourself.

don’t you say that i’m to blame
for wanting this for wanting more
for wanting everything we had before.
don’t say it’s never good enough
that your better that way.
well this is life without me.

well take a picture cause it just might last longer
keep staring and i just might do a…
nahhh its just a waste of time
while i’m loosing my mind
thinking about you.
wait, is this the ending?
maybe all i’m seeing.
this wont last forever.

let me tell you now.
were slowly rising while your going no where
tossing and turning while i’m moving,
i’m moving on.
you did this yourself