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sevenyoungold – old school lyrics


intro :
welcome to the dark
and you see this happen

k!ll at the dark night
say d-mn fight
you know this mental
i get you f-ck instrumental
you know, im cool with oldschool the gang
so d-mn down street
so back man, allow, this sh-t
im in the black, man
but you know the skins
doesn’t matter for backs, man
and you this funky sh-t and
get your -ss can fax, and, you know
dog, im from the dark, man, black
im in your cool but you wanna jealous
bitter, i foe f-ck
know this sh-t,im in doll is so
and know this sh-t
im cool bit oh no stress
i be yo call, and down ma test
because i know sh-t
you know because im in
fool, im down with everybody n-ggas im in
i love this sh-t, when i call you a
n-gga word, and n-gga down
im so vibe and oh no, this sh-t
means my mind and n-ggas old so
im in the cool, but you know the old school i live it
know this sh-t i live with down with no nez n-ggas because
i know this sh-t i down with
oh no this sh-t!
and oh no this cool!
oh i got to have it black -ss mood!
dont know dog? the n-ggas from
i fall with you
n-ggas dance so its true
yes im cool, but ain’t no want em, yea
they k!lling for murder in
so get your -ss telling
yea this sh-t that im good with story tellin’, and el gets to solve
im mc’ing bavk in feeling
yea this sold im cool
and i know yea, means, im back
for the 7
i know that they swar
and n-ggas diss what this sh-t
im sword
im n-ggas god
im n-gga flow
im down, so what its happen
know em every brown
and you get you cool
-ss side my back call its fact
knkw this sh-t, i k!ll in ord, i numbered, and you what i just set 13 oh man got no black feet
and know this sh-t! chip in over
im in the word like i have it
but im a k!ller sold this for ma gun
you with the -ss fun
but i know with a shot gun
know this black tk the sing
by the gangsters attack
but you know, that i mean
word its z black, so black
im black fool, i mean
you talk as dope
n-gga, flow, im far from you
so? im in the k!ller but this sh-t black -ss its tall
n-ggas stealing drei
i know waz
reggiz on
and dry happen and maby happen
know this sh-t cool
im 7, old 7 back in

yeah, whatch your face sad and c-m!
but you know this sh-t im on
you know this sh-t im calling
you, down streets
and nice oh good
im in your house
i wanna k!lling just you
watcha -ss wathca black
n-ggas on whole tripping
and n-ggas because i flag
no but that caused, k!lling
im in the k!ll odd the flag
dont know? im in!
on you down the 7 hack