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shadmaan – love lost (intro) lyrics


you’ve fell in love haven’t you?
you have hurt
you have healed
maybe not immediately
maybe you don’t see it
progress is constant
it comes in experience
as long as you’re alive, you’re making progress
a lot of us have had our heart broken
you feel
love lost
don’t you?
you feel no hope in another
because this human
they take your heart
they don’t know how long they’ll have it
maybe they’ll break it
maybe you do matter
maybe you don’t
the fact is
you are love lost
to find what is lost
you embrace the broken
you start where it ends
you are not cursed
you are living
you breathing
when you love, you love forever
find this love, push on
you see
i like to say the sun will always set
no matter how broken you feel
it will rise
use that as your motivation
you will see another day
you will love