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sharrum – gutter lyrics


[verse 1]
i’m coming, coming
i’m coming out the gutter
days keep getting warmer
but my bed just getting colder
i’m nervous, nervous
and just a little reckless
won’t show up to parties even though i’m on the guest list
you hate me, hate me, hate me cause i’m different
or hate me ’cause i’m a narcissist with arsonistic friends, see
you’re worried, worried, worried for your safety
i’ll burn the bridge you built for me
and cut out all your empathy
see i don’t give a sh-t if you feel hatred when you look at me
i feed off it
you bottom feeders feed on sh-t
i’m seeping in ya brain like a disease
and leave you bleeding on your knees
and when you read this know that it’s just me
evicting all my demons to a better place
cleaning out my head-sp-ce
of all these evil thoughts
and google docs on thots
who never really thought about me
but i found peace
in this sound see
it shows that i’m only getting better
and you can’t at me


k!ll the beat
i need to think, i’m sick of it
sick of saying “i” when i write down this gibberish
sick of falling back to repet-tion just to finish this
line that i wrote and i hoped you would give a sh-t
but i never brought it up and you didn’t mention it
but moving on from that let’s bring the 808’s back
add the hi-hat
and the clap
and the whole sh-t back