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shawn james – insane lyrics


lately i’ve been thinking that everyone’s insane
lost their minds out in the world and now look who’s to blame
they just can’t see that

so pack your bags and leave the past let’s go for a ride
the wind and water carry us they will be our guides
tonight, we’ll just sail free

the moon will light our path through these darkest seas
i’m sure
and all the world will stare and wonder where we’ll go

have you ever thought of leaving everything you ever loved?
starting over someplace inexplicably unknown
and oooooohhh that’s what i crave

it’s the thrill that keeps me going, puts a gleam on in my eyes
i venture just to conquer any monsters in a prize
and ohh, the world is my stage
well maybe some day you’ll see how it all makes sense to me and then you’ll jump on board and we can sail the seven seas