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shawn storm – joke badness lyrics


[intro: kwenshade & shawn storm]
if a badness yuh pick up
tell dem lef eeh before mi gun liff up
glock never stutta & eh k neva hiccup
gaza nuh mek flesh wound fi yuh gitup
bare blood him start spit up
shot inna yuh belly bun yuh hotta than a situp
the ak vicious wid the glock when it a chip up
rapid it up, who nuh dead lidun a sh-t up (sh-t up)

[chorus: kwenshade & shawn storm]
anyweh yuh diss the gaza shot a fire
string him like a light post‚ body afi wire
ah we no care if a church seh a prayer
still na get save body affi wire
body one side‚ head a roll like tire
shot nyam him up‚ nyam him up wid the crocodile kyah
buss it inn face till the clip expire
send a girl fi yuh duppy, zombie nuh vampire

[verse 1: kwenshade & shawn storm]
yuh nuh see seh the boy a cartoon
so we wire dem, string dem out like a car loom
anuh game of thrones ‚ a one king one rule
gaza forever, one teacha one school
file dun the gun shot puncture yuh lungs flat
see mi a mi gun that wid a couple dunce bat
select it, gunshot‚ 45 hunchback
waterford badness, gaza mi done chat
buck dem a road & we empty the matic
between yuh eye brow sivva park up eeh ratchet
head hotta dan the tail a di rocket
any gun weh yuh pon the gaza we have it
the sk she mek spray
dem find him the next day
them run a couple x-ray & hear wa the death say
body full a hole like how the net stay
plus the gilr weh k!ll him escape & then go do a s-x-tape


[verse 2: kwenshade & shawn storm]
me nah drive me a park up
schee mask to mi face & walk up
every man yuh hail life just tek a shot cut
n-body guard ring neva charge up
mi sick inna mi head, quick silva
likkle paranoid, so mi neva leff the big mac
anyweh mi bucka enemy mi jus’ k!ll that
him friend them a still chat
buss it everything flat
kwenshade & ‘e zombie a step
berrita deh beat, head a fall a me crep
facebook live, me a video the death
but gaza nuh fear suh a likes it a get
rest di 14 under him chin
brain fly like ugandan wing
land someweh uppa constant spring
gaza badness, yow a badman thing
sing nuh