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shawn wigs – killin’ em lyrics


[intro: sample]
‘toad style is immensily strong, and immune to nearly any
when it’s properly used, it’s almost invincible’
[shawn wigs]
guess who’s back, i swing that clay material
c-ssius dump my blunt ashes in your drink
got the three quarter burgundy walk, i just walk my sh-t
don’t stink
but my skunk weed is killin’ em

stacks’ll open the bank, i’m top billin’ them
my year, two karat rocks in the air
dipped the fashion, son, i got a p-ssion for christ
that’s why i spent a fortune, to keep my cross on ice
i’m that nice, my dice got jewels got instead of dots
big rocks, blowing them thousand dollar slots
high roller, sippin’ on grey goose and cola
i, travel the world, and my system’s light solar
mic’s like dola, flows like ebola
i got mics on my wrist and my chains swing boulders