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sick sad saturdays – you look older than last time lyrics


good dreams, bad ones
we can still have lots of fun
children playing
while the adults sat debating
hardwood, carpet
where our moms said we could sit
found love, lost time
wasted on my stupid f+cking mind

god d+mnit
i don’t wanna leave
i’m standing
where i wanna be
god d+mnit
i don’t wanna leave
who planned it
i don’t see the need

loud men, dumb boys
never said they had a choice
reject, turned down
so you didn’t stick around
i saw you later
with your coffee and the paper
bought drinks, shared laughs
promised they won’t be the last
got old, boring
all the things you kept ignoring
samе jokes, last year
this time told with out thе fear
you wise up, get down
life is passing all around
your one chance, you miss
and you’ll come to regret this