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sick shift – despicable lyrics


here i stay, i bet you wish i was away
such a potent opinion from someone
who was never meant to be here
so alone, especially when i was with you
you didn’t have to suffer now
i guess you made that crystal clear

can’t you see? that’s not me
well, i guess i wasn’t looking
when they slipped something in my drink
never breaks, just mistakes
it’s true i can’t do anything right
what difference does it make?

had your trust until i killed it in distrust
in absentminded slumber i’ve burned
all those bridges down
i can’t stand how all the grains slip through my hands
persistent state of breakdown
is running all i have into the ground

don’t try to understand me
don’t read between the lines
you can’t comprehend me
it’s just a waste of your time
my fortune reads bitter
a million ways to abuse
playing victim doesn’t fit her
i guess i’m born to lose