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siebenburgen – a crimson coronation lyrics


surreal this dance of shadows
bestowed upon her soul
a bleeding heart, she wore
as a crown of her l-st
feeding on her nightmares
creating her own birth
transforming moonlight into gold

shadows extending into the night
to hunt and haunt her
a sacrifice of vitrue, made her see

flame burns deep
blade cuts deeper
shaping flesh and soul as one
carving a new beginning
from death unleashed
from shadows sp-wned

a painted moon from scriptures old
revealing truth through lies
carved in stone and mixed with blood
virtue spoiled and dead

awkened beast, from death unleashed
revealing lies
a crimson coronation made her see
beyond the dream, reality
for all things to come
supremacy, a sight for gods

her majesties infernal
elder ones now awakened
from death unleashed and darkenss sp-wned