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since sliced bread – it’s about time lyrics




yo? (sigh)
guys, we got a f-cking studio going


oh yeaaaaahhhhh!!! whatsup!


ok, i gotta do a lot of prep though, sort the filter out and sh-t….

[verse 1: hesan]

i’m gonna make this dream mine with these lyrics and rhymes
the concept of ambition is so sublime
i blur the line, between sp-ce and time
when i step to the mic, see my mind’s designs
complex structures, then i bust the beat
i create it, then i break it, but i make it complete
but they hate it cos’ i take it on a strange looking street
i create my own path so you can never compete, you see
i’m in a league of my own
i’m giving blood to bone, when i compose this song
because i reload hope on a broken throne
and then i open the throat of a hopeless road
dead end, but i said win to the death
and i’m still in, with the sick sk!lls of the best
got a big dream, on a great team, i am blessed
what’s next? conquest? success? that’s correct, yes!

[verse 2: sloo]

time we taking, perfect the recipe baking
got lost in a maze, and we came out amazing
watch the watch, glock the clock, our arrival’s eminant
this the sh-t we be spitting when we be kicking it
here’s a myth, but we legend, turn flows to boat wreckage
make the most of dope notion, give you no less than a lesson
about time we tear y’all a part, if x marks the spot
then my spot marks your ex, call this euphoric art
this the jam sandwich packing, stashed in the pantry
while me and ssb bring the flavour to the tracks be
sample our 16’s, feel good if you feel me
coming up is for the books with love from the windy city
i’d love to say i told you so, to be honest it’s a fact
i’d love to watch you take your orignal statement back
with the raps,they told me it’s about grind, it’s about mind
nah homie, it’s about time

[verse 3: storm]

back with the madd flow, like gastro
coming out of an -ssh0l-‘s -ssh0l-
i’m eating chicken compet-tion like nando’s
or sweet mangoes, while i’m k!lling like rambo
coz i’m mad bro, who the f-ck you think ran the d-mn show?
you f-gs know, when i get aggro, i’m wacko
spitting wack flows til the mic blows, i’m psycho
with the right flow, i’ll make your mind blow, no typo
haters suck like lipo, a sl-t or a spiked ho
smoking on hydro, f-cking all night, oh!
sounds wrong, but i’m right tho
but i’ll explain another time so
for now, blow a tight o, and i’ll see you on the other side bro
when you let the light glow i spit my tight flow
and leave your mind blown, when my rhymes go
beyond what you might know
it’s about the shine, but it’s all about the time bro

[u.g talking]

hey yo!
it’s u.g, baby!
got energy for days up in this b-tch
i’m high as f-ck yo!

[verse 4: u.g]

at the entrance to the game, ramming down the front door
the four gonna ball like never before, before
y’all heard us, now we back for some more, fear the
s.a army marching under your nose, uh
finally here, no need to fear
and if it’s unclear the outcome will be severe
we here, homie, so please don’t interfere
the three musketeers, with the seer my dear
so take note, i rep the coast with no boat
i don’t boast, just hot as toast straight from the loaf
you know bro, i k!ll you just like a dodo
the flow so sick got you begging for more, or
got you after me like this sh-t is a crime
i’m pushing double time when i am in the mind to rhyme
step inside my mind and see the world through my eyes
cos’ this world is mine baby, and it’s about time!

[shadley de lange:]

we moving, cos’ it’s about time we rise
said it’s about time we rise
rise young soldier, get your blades to torture
time is our deborture, yeah
no, no, hey i don’t stop until the break of dawn
no, no, hey the time is now so everyone sing along
it’s about time we rise, we rise, we rise
to the end of time
get ready, for the time is now
ssb on the grind, put your hands up high in the sky
we rock with the best, affiliated right from left
it’s about time, baby