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siopaolo – idon’twbwy lyrics


[verse 1]
i feel used
i feel bruised
i feel forgotten by you
and you should know you made me feel
so wrong

[verse 2]
i’m obsessed
less and less
you have ripped me of the best
feeling that i’ve had in so long

but you
don’t know

maybe you don’t know what i’ve gone through
or maybe you don’t know how this works
i fell head over heels just for you
but then you threw my love in the dirt

cause maybe
i’m crazy for you
but when i think
of what you did to me
now we’re through
’cause i don’t wanna be with you

[verse 3]
you can try
change my mind
you can tell me all these lies
i’m better on my own, without you

[verse 4]
you can fight
you can cry
you can rip me of my life
but i’ll never have the heart to love you



i never heard those three words
those three words “i love you”
now you are feeling lonely
i’m glad that we are through

you’ll move across the country
without my heart in hand
you’re saying that you miss me
but i don’t feel that bad