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sity xx – introspective ave lyrics


[ verse ]
i told andy just give me something that i could rhyme on
nothing to fancy just something to spit my mind on
and there’s a lot to say and a lot i gotta decide on
and i don’t need you n-gg-s switch up when i’m on and kiss up when i’m gone
on god i see right through facades and all the fake sh-t
ain’t even know my name until i made it on a playlist
and even then you hated but i just plotted and waited
the game was like liams daughter its really just for the taking
i hope that all the things that i wrote could reall mean sh-t
my biggest fear is dying alone, or to not be sh-t
or wasting oso and tre’s time with davici sh-t
or one day get it all just to find out that i’m dreaming
so i’m work work workin till my b-tch look like rihanna
and my car sound like a dragon and my kicks are on designer
f-ck that b-tch i’m working till my brother can design them
and they cost one-hundred thousands and rihanna wanna buy em
never been one for that lying f-ck muf-ssa i got scars
i’m not talking xannies but take my pain away with these bars
you ever have to lose somebody just to find who you are?
well i’m losing everybody guess i’m looking way to hard
i went from saying things to things from what’s his name to who is he
when you die can’t take it with you that’s to true to me
i just hope they say he made it on my eulogy
and usually i’d rap stupidly about you and me
then foolishly profess all my feelings about you and sing
something bout how i love your smile and i love your soul
and how i haven’t seen you in awhile baby what you on
but this ain’t that type of song where i’m steady apologizing re-writing my wrongs
cuz i’m actually taking time to right all my wrongs and finding out in some of those i was right all along
it’s been a process came along way since tre was talking nonsense
learned to check my concious instead of checking comments
working on content until a n-gg- content