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skeme – start to finish lyrics


base, uh, uh, uh
rock the bureau!

start out with a bucket, n-gg- grab a’
you’re fly as f-ck, you tell us all about your departure
tell your momma, ‘quit your job cause it’s getting real!’
and tell your n-gg-s that’s against you, just right up that will.
start out with nothing, n-gg-, i wanna grap the whole thing
keep your squares at your circles and put all your blame
let the labels chase you do, let’s copy right your name
and sell the pieces of a sh-t, that’s how you win this game!
pressure made the diamonds in a n-gg- chain
progression equal profit, n-gg-, keep that on your brain!
do what you gotta do, but never go against the gray
they’ll make a table about your city, then make sure it’
start with a hot dance, say f-ck it’ grab a dance!
make sure your n-gg-s riding with your family, not your friends!
show all your n-gg-s that you’re going where you’ve never been
and let them know that it will never be a clique like this again!
i’m addicted to money, still smelling society
neck covered in gold, my life story a check.
every time my phone ringing ‘ to connect
i just pull up on that block to hop out and collect
see, i’m still on that syrup, i don’t know you, young n-gg-s
i treat my girl like my b-tch, let her blow young n-gg-s!
talking racks on racks, got something to throw, young n-gg-s
don’t believe what i’m saying, and i’mma show you, young n-gg-s!
holler free baby dot, that’s a real -ss killer
you just gangsta on tweeter, and i don’t feel that, n-gg-
disrespect me and molly, and we will kill that, n-gg-
we will kill that, n-gg-! do you feel that, n-gg-s?
i was born a sinner with guarantees of a loss
but i turn that sh-t to a win, just like a motherf-cking boss, uh!
now look at you, looking lost
puzzled with burners like ‘ know it all
looking soft, hold on!
with these n-gg-s looking mad for?
cause i chose not to take a partner
all that back and forth, that sh-t you think it’s balling
couldn’t cut it on a practice court
talking about your strap, what you n-gg-s scared of scrubbing for?
straight punks, i ain’t f-cking with you!
hating on us, just cause we won’t make no songs with you
come to thinking, b-tch, your hoe don’t get along with you
let you kill yourself, even though i know just what’s wrong with you!
what? real sh-t though!
.. motherf-ckers slide right now
the sh-t like 1.3 where we sh-t in the room
i got something like 600 dollars worth lean on ’em
i couldn’t make no sh-t like this here!
my n-gg- just got apart cutting this sh-t
i don’t know why you did that
but that’s my brothers all straight, hey!
i might have a son, my n-gg-!
i used to do this sh-t for fun, my n-gg-
but now those are sh-t about funs, my n-gg-!
uh, i’ll deal with it!