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skibidi r. gyaat - meet the girls lyrics


dear lila
i’ve got a list to list off for you and i just compiled them
you see these bad people, compelled to stand beside them
really you should look at their states and try to guide them
trapped in an endless cycle but stuck inside denial
it’s never gonna change
through past experience, fearing it’s always gonna stay the same
one will feed the other, forever, a connected brain
and you will play the middlеman, plotting for your funny game
always telling lies about your daily plans
going to dеny, saying “i’ll be hanging with my friends”
then when you pass by, you’ll stay outside and out of sight
far enough away to hide, got a ride or die by your side
always omitting details, thinking you’re achieving something
i keep on trusting empty words, thinking they’re meaning something
i never question further, think i’m being a thoughtful friend
why try anymore? i think today will finally be the end
for you it’s all about the numbers, stupid streaks and wasted weeks
it’s 93, and every time the hourglass appears on screen
you run to me like do something, but when i wanna do something
you lie to me bout where you are then stand right there and do something
too much denying, and trying, recovering something worthless
it’s all about the purchase, and you never did deserve it
well now i know the truth and i have just one question, why?
maybe that explains why you can’t say lila without lie
dear ruby
i have a personalized message from yours truly
they all think that i’m crazy, still a baby, all moody
the pain’s been caused, through seven months, you built it up to fool me
you know, it’s always been a battle with my mind
and now, 2024, we got girls from the outside
teaming up against me and joining the wrong side
welcome to my mind, here’s a flashback from before and here’s my side
did you really think i liked you? like you pushing me away
didn’t even know what to say
so i ran back to the car and tried to go about my day
kinda hard when all i hear is your voice as it ricochets
uncovering buried wounds and blowing up behind my face
i’m running a fever that nothing seems to treat
my head is hot and i just can’t get up out the seat
pills to keep me down to earth but then you added six more feet
tried to organize and realize what went on behind the scenes
couldn’t keep it all together, so i finally had to leak
next time we meet, apologize, but it’s always gonna be
failing classes, tear+stained glasses, sifting through memories
it wasn’t me, back to the present, now you lie to me
telling me that you’re not doing anything, well, tell that to the team of 3
we’re all heading home but still you head back, paint a scenery
the walls are dark and gloomy and the floorboard’s getting t++tery
everything is never what it seems to be or means to be
i want to try to fix this, but i know that there’s no use
and i want to make things right, but the only thing wrong is you
and i’m not tryna hurt you, rubes, but this is something i just gotta say
ever since that fateful day, i just haven’t been the same
and i get that dating a loser makes you look bad in your mind
go back, would you say that to your “friend” another time?
i think you’d say it twice, if you really wanted it to stick
well it stuck with me, now the walls are twice as thick
dear caroline, i’m sorry you took offense to me thinking that you were fine
maybe i’ll just shut up, no opinions for me next time
spiraling down so quickly, i wished you would just arrive
but you’ll act like i don’t exist to avoid me in year 9
why would i want to be seen in public with a loser?
no muscles on his bones, no adidas shorts, a constant fighting family
and a dying dog at home
in a crowd of people but still he feels alone
we can go to the park and forget about all our problems
but you just caused some new ones and now i gotta solve em
that was the last weekend of school
we were gonna have so much fun playing at the pool
but no, our plans will dissipate, evaporate and be replaced
“you’re in my sp+ce, you’re such a waste, you tool”
i’m such a f+cking fool
red flag waved in front of my face
but i shoved it out of my way
and i ran to you, thinking i was safe
well, no more making that mistake
you said we should take a break
stop talking for ten days
well if you won’t even cross the street to see me, i don’t think anything’s changed
leak our rejection texts for a sense of superiority
oh wait, i forgot, “these words are too big, they’re boring me!”
you went off the grid to hide what you were doing from me
all those nights out partying and you never check up on me
and it’s known by mcduffie too, to avoid you like the plague
and you disgust me too, you’re bad in every possible way
meet the girls

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