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skrilla – god damn lyrics


(hardheaded, baby)

ooh, when i send that blitz, they gonna get that done
i done popped so many percs, i f+cked a b+tch, i couldn’t cum
ooh, godd+mn
pop out with that drac’, that sh+t hit like a ram, godd+mn
grinchin’ in this b+tch like every day halloween
b+tch just asked me what i take, lil’ b+tch, i’m on a bean (b+tch, i’m bippin’)
i don’t take no shots ’cause i be sippin’ lean
servin’ cuddies, got the block hot, that sh+t in my genes
copped the pint, i poured the four, my ‘migo turn my geek up
styrofoam my double cup, i be gee+gee+geeked up, godd+mn
pop out with that mop stick, i feel like wham, godd+mn
rackie+rackies, got that sack, i feel like santa claus
tap that draco, 7.62s knock ya helmet off
boolin’ in a striker, yori on hеr ’cause i like her
shootеr trained to go, he trained to k!ll a f+ckin’ sniper, godd+mn
pop out with that godd+mn
free my shooter fs, strike force pulled up, put him in that jam, godd+mn
poppin’ percocets right out prescription can
mix the xanax with the lean, b+tch, i’m the face of zombie land, godd+mn

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