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skull puppies – d&d and asexuality lyrics


why do i surround myself with friends
and fight the way i feel for them out of a fear that things will end?
why do i still fall in love with everyone i meet?
always figured it was just ’cause i was lonely
we should have waited, i should have said
before we climbed into my bed

“jack, check them out. don’t you think they’re hot?”
does it really f-cking matter if i think they are or not?
just wanna know what comic books they read
wanna know if they play d&d

am i a zombie if i don’t want in your pants?
you’ll find my mind is much more s-xy if you just give it a chance
i wanna go for a ride with you but only literally
i’d love to hang at your place if you’ve actually got coffee
i love you so much but not that way
i don’t wanna take that step, i just want you to stay

“but don’t you think i’m hot?”
i don’t know if i’m qualified to answer that or not
just wanna know what comic books you read
i wanna know if you play d&d

it’s perfectly fine to like your hand inside of mine
without having procreation on my mind
it’s plausible to crave for your affection
without simultaneously sporting an erection
it’s true what they say about ‘most guys’
but it’s also true what they say about lanky ginger freaks and speccy four-eyed geeks
so walk with me. talk with me
do you have any good comic books to read?
do you fancy a game of d&d?