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skye wallace – keeper lyrics


i woke up singing a song with your name in it
set to the beat of the train
where i sat in the aisle seat
my limbs and extremities begging to touch you again
the sky, it grew lighter
the morning sun spread across the wide, open fields like a stain
i never thought of myself as a keeper
but i’d like you to keep me in place

out the window, the trees are brittle and grey
as i hurtle toward montreal
the sickness we live in, it itches and gripes
and it permeates through it all
but i’d throw all affairs of the world out this window and
run to you when you call
i think you can keep me, if anyone can
if i can be kept at all
you came out of nowhere
like an unbelievable, cliché rendition of fate
i’m sadder than you are, i’ve made more mistakes
and my heart cannot take the world’s weight
but when i’m in your arms, time stands still
and the whole f+cking world can just wait
i never thought of myself as a keeper
but i’d do anything to keep you safe

now the train whistles elsewhere
the day’s light has changed into shadows that crumple and creep
my body, at once, feels healthy and raw
as it ebbs between waking and sleep
the distance between us was bigger than love
and bigger than tears that we weep
it cannot be here and it cannot be now
and i cannot be yours to keep
but i loved you in all of the ways i know how
though i cannot be yours to keep