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sleazyworld go – troll me lyrics


come here

heard n+ggas been speakin’ on my name, sayin’ this and that (what?)
face shot’ll crack your head like a baseball bat (come on)
watch out, shots fired, don’t get your baseball smacked (come on)
huh, huh (watch out)
don’t get a hit, i put choppers in the hood
told my youngins do a skit (go do somethin’), he get caught, he know he good
he gettin’ out ’cause n+ggas rich (i’ma bond him out)
n+ggas rich now (on my mama), uh+huh
yeah, bond him out
n+ggas hidin’, keep dissin’, we gon’ find him out (come on)
heard the last n+gga got caught leavin’ his mama house (come on)
huh, caught him lackin’
this b+tch freaky, she eat d+ck and all you hear is this b+tch smackin’
slapped a fully on the forty, turned this b+tch to automatic (frrat)
chase a opp down in my jewelry, residue all on my patek (sh+t)
i mean patek (uh)
this a cartier on my wrist, i ain’t even got it yet (i ain’t even cop it)
up a couple mills, my first deal, i ain’t even gotta flex (i ain’t even gotta)
7.62s spittin’ out that k, look like it’s talkin’ sh+t (talkin’ sh+t)
chopper ain’t valet, but this b+tch here just made him park his whip (park this sh+t), huh
made him park, if it’s smoke up in the air, then we gon’ spark (spark)
sleazy+ass n+ggas wrap the shirts, we ain’t never need the sheisty mask (no)
throw lil’ bro a perc’, he pop it, he get on your ass (pop)
glizzy gang, first ones in the city that start playin’ with them switchy things (grrt)
took the b+ttons off, he turned them switches on them glizzy things (frrat, frrat)
we the g.o.a.t.s, she eat babies, i put s+m+n down her throat (come on)
come here, freaky b+tch, swallow this d+ck until you choke (ooh), nasty
let me sl+t her out, but she was classy, huh, huh