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sleeping romance – forgiveness lyrics


i know your ordeal
but you can’t conceal yourself
beneath a distorted mask
made of revenge
there’s always a choice
it’s been a while
you should have been my guide
now i want to close the door
but you still attack my senses
leave my mind

don’t make me wonder
if i can be free from your memory
i’m feeling hopeless
we were so close but in my thoughts
you’re still a sinner
don’t make me wonder
if i can be free from the state i am in
you ‘ll ask forgiveness
but i can only try to be indifferent

your heart is cold
you can’t deny the way it is
our past has changed us all
and i see nothing but ice
in your eyes


please give me an answer or i’ ll be lost in my anger

silence, i cannot speak again
for us both
be strong, speak!
darkness is taking control
of your soul
be strong, rise!
height won’t be such a danger
if you don’t fall again